Therapeutic EP Procedures

We are have extensive experience with cardiac ablations for many different heart rhythm disorders including SVT, WPW, atrial flutter, ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation. We have access to the most advanced technology including state of the art three dimensional cardiac mapping systems and intracardiac ultrasound imaging. We are the only Electrophysiology group using the Stereotaxis system which allows us to perform ablations safely and with robotic precision.

Our atrial fibrillation ablation program is one of our safest and most successful programs. We perform pulmonary vein ablations as well as FIRM mapping which allows us to map and ablate rotors in the heart during atrial fibrillation. We are the only group in the Northeast capable of doing all ablations, including complex atrial fibrillation ablations, completely without fluoroscopy. This means that even complex ablations can be performed without exposure to radiation.